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Another Weekend

I haven’t left the house sense getting home from work Friday.  PB’s been sick all weekend.  He’s sleeping on the recliner, talking in his sleep, right now.  My poor boy.  I hope he kicks it faster than J did, I … Continue reading

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the shoulda’s

There’s alot I should be doing right now.  Chores.  Laundry. Dishes.  Shower.  Sleep. I’m exhausted.  I’m sick.  I need to just chill for a bit.  I’m blog surfing.  Goofing off on facebook.  I need this. I know tomorrow I’ll be … Continue reading

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Sigh of Contentment

The nice thing about missing work for the J’s faux chicken pox (or mystery rash) is that we got all the errands and shopping done during the week so we get the whole weekend to be at home.  It’s like … Continue reading

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