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Female. Feminist. Christian. Single-Mom. Addict. Liberal. Pro-gay rights. From a mixed-race family.

Human being. And child of God. That should piss off everyone.  What did I leave out?  Let’s see.  Poet.  Raised kids on Pell Grants and Medicaid for several years.  Experienced food insecurity at times.  Have five cats.  Worked in the … Continue reading

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People Pleasing and Drama – Part II

Read Part I here. Very few people are pleased to have their own unacceptable behavior brought to their attention.  Being asked to confront a little piece of your own dark shadow self is uncomfortable.  It’s much easier to claim “drama” … Continue reading

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every time

every time my dear do you want to be loved or do you want to be superior? you cannot be both and i cannot choose for you you add a tier to your pedestal every time i open my mouth … Continue reading

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