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Because My Head’s Not Screwed On Right

I’m unbalanced because my head’s not screwed on right. My BFF says she’s always known this but she didn’t expect it to show up on x-ray. No, really, it’s both a joke and why I’ve been so startlingly silent for … Continue reading

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we will play hopscotch

we will play hopscotch                            November 27, 2015 i am what i am does not mean that you are who you think you are. –    the cat tries to chew my pen –    while i … Continue reading

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Raising the Child of an Immigrant

I don’t tend to tell this story. The story about how I am the only person I know to have been hurt by an immigrant. Let me put it in the third sentence: he was white skinned, English-fluent, and from … Continue reading

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