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Book Review: Pigs in Heaven

I read.  A lot.  I decided I ought to write more about what I read.  I’m not confined to a genre or topic.  I’ll read anything.  I’ve pushed my way through more than one really hard book.  One.Word.At.A.Time.  A thousand … Continue reading

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Introversion, Independence, Isolation, Illusions & Insanity

I’ve always been quite introverted.  I need time alone.  Big groups leave me drained and cranky.  I like my quite, alone time.  I like the company of my own thoughts. Much of my life has been spent fighting to maintain … Continue reading

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Parenting Books

For the most part I despise books telling me how to raise my kids.  Most of them have the common theme of, “Be afraid, be very afraid,” and try to pound in the idea that everything a mother does is going … Continue reading

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