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The Virtual Farm

I (finally) started playing FarmTown on Facebook.  It’s cute but hard to get excited about. I have a real farm right outside my door.  I grow food.  There are cows in the back yard (they’re not mine.)  I pull weeds, … Continue reading

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Bargin Hunter

I tend to be a very careful shopper.  Most of my shopping is in the have to have category.  Groceries.  Soap.  Diapers.  I’m the poor lady figuring unit prices with two fussy kids in the cart.  It’s been habit for … Continue reading

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Up All Night

We had a lovely Sunday, working in the garden and being family.  By dinner time I was having to fight off fantacies of staying home with my kids.  I get depressed if I think too much about the life I … Continue reading

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