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Female. Feminist. Christian. Single-Mom. Addict. Liberal. Pro-gay rights. From a mixed-race family.

Human being. And child of God. That should piss off everyone.  What did I leave out?  Let’s see.  Poet.  Raised kids on Pell Grants and Medicaid for several years.  Experienced food insecurity at times.  Have five cats.  Worked in the … Continue reading

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The Season of Non-Violence, Day 31

Day 31 – PRAISING (March 1) Appreciation helps people to grow and lets them know that they matter. Offer praise to at least three people today for their personal qualities, achievements, or helpful service. I think I’ve mentioned before that … Continue reading

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Yourself – words from a 13 year old

Yourself The candle tells her -Burn yourself The knife tells her -Cut yourself The rope tells her -Hang yourself The scale tells her -Starve yourself The people tell her -Be yourself Then they say -Yourself ain’t good enough And death … Continue reading

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