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Because My Head’s Not Screwed On Right

I’m unbalanced because my head’s not screwed on right. My BFF says she’s always known this but she didn’t expect it to show up on x-ray. No, really, it’s both a joke and why I’ve been so startlingly silent for … Continue reading

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The Season of Non-Violence, Day 55

Day 55 – RESPONSIBILITY (March 25) The quality of your community starts with you. Take responsibility for the quality of your community wherever you are. Today, pick up trash that is not your own, whether at home, at the office … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sober Mercies

Heather Kopp traces her path through alcoholism to recovery in Sober Mercies: How Love Caught up with a Christian Drunk.  This is a great book for both people in recovery and those exploring faith. She begins describing the insanity of … Continue reading

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