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Other Cheek Turning

She called to apologize to me after a relative of mine threw an ugly and abusive temper-tantrum in her office. My first reaction was to say that I’m used to that kind of nasty, childish behavior from this person and … Continue reading

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And the Winner of the Worst Ally Ever Award Is…

Me. I’m the worst ally ever. Us white people like to talk a lot about being allies. Especially us progressive protestant academic types. We love this language. It lets us of the hook of our own complicity. “I’m an ally! … Continue reading

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February Reading BLog

It’s been eye-opening to keep a list of what I read. I’ve been a vicious (not voracious!) reader most of my life. Counting chapter books I read aloud to Kid 2 I’ve managed to finish 26 books in two months. … Continue reading

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