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Thin Skin and Thick Shame

Lord knows I have plenty to do right now. But I’ve got feelings clogging up the works so here I am, doing what I know best, and writing them into the internet void so I can clear the clog and … Continue reading

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And the Winner of the Worst Ally Ever Award Is…

Me. I’m the worst ally ever. Us white people like to talk a lot about being allies. Especially us progressive protestant academic types. We love this language. It lets us of the hook of our own complicity. “I’m an ally! … Continue reading

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The Season of Non-Violence, Day 44

Day 44 – COOPERATION (March 14) When we work together, we are stronger that when we work alone. Today, find one significant way your can cooperate more effectively with the people in your family or workplace, school or community. Do … Continue reading

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