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Welcome to New Mexico

By now the world has had 24+ hours to see news coverage of an orange politician’s recent rally in Albuquerque.   You’ve seen all the footage of “protestors” throwing rocks and police in riot gear. I had to wait a … Continue reading

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late march driving

late march driving –       the ribbons of interlocking pavement that stretch from albuquerque to farmington slipping swiftly under misaligned tires and a new moon lying low in my blurry vision. –       i crawled from bed thirty-six hours ago with my … Continue reading

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going to michigan (in january)

i must have finally gone over the edge.  i bought tickets to go to port huron in the middle of january.  i really don’t want to but feel obligated to make this visit.  i’ve got butterflies already.  i mean, really, … Continue reading

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