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That One Person – Job’s Comforters and Minor Calamities

Poor Job. Who needs friends like that? I mean, there he is suffering through injustice, questioning God, and his friends are the ultimate victim-blamers. I’ve had plenty of those friends myself. When life gets real what most of us really … Continue reading

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Moments in My Real Life and My Poor Ugly Toe

I’ve been trying to get caught back up from the double time/half term class I accidentally took. It ended Wednesday so first thing Thursday I hit the grocery store and bought real food. The kind where I actually cut up … Continue reading

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the day that kept getting worse

By 1 I started falling asleep at my keyboard.  So I went on home to get a nap, amazingly not crashing my car on the way. I got in, took my shoes off, and went straight to bed.  Then I … Continue reading

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