Except it’s not really a chronology as each year is still a jumbled mess and nothing’s in order here. However, you can use the following links to read these poems more-or-less in the order they were written in, which has nothing what-so-ever to do with the order they’re posted in. Just for the heck of it I’m including some very brief biographical notes for each year. ‘Cause you know, writer’s-ego or self-sabotage, depending on the day.

1996 I was in middle school in 1996 at a tiny charter school in a bitty little town in Southwestern Colorado. Our art teacher sometimes made us do free-writes and out of this a baby-poet hatched.

1997 was the year my freshman World History teachers decided to keep me out of trouble of sending me down to a little local coffee shop to organize weekly open-mics for high-school kids. I keep thinking this was 1998 because I can’t keep the years straight anymore.

1998 Ok, writing some little note for each year is turning out to be much harder than I thought. Um…1998…. Let’s see, I got my first real-paycheck job and went through my first puppy-love heartbreak.

1999 I had my first “grown-up” relationship and heartbreak, first really-drunk binge, moved back (again, we did a lot of that) to New Mexico, got my driver’s license, started smoking pot, and swore to do anything I had to do to get the hell out of high-school ASAP.

2000 saw me finish high school and start community college and move out on my own. I also got arrested, spent a long weekend in jail, and completed a term of supervised juvenile probation. I’m sure it’s totally normal to be 16 and both in trouble with the law and finish high school two years early.

2001 I transferred to a four-year liberal arts college back in Colorado, got seriously messed up over my much-older boyfriend, experimented with a lot of drugs, drank heavily, and probably shouldn’t have lived to tell the tale.

2002 I moved back in with my dad, the boyfriend and I broke up, I signed up edit the school’s Art & Lit Mag, I went to Alaska to visit a friend, and mostly I just smoked pot and wrote and went to school.

2003 I finished spring term with straight A’s, published the most kick-ass Art & Lit Mag ever, and dropped out of school. There might have been a boyfriend and some fantasy of political activism involved in that decision. I also bought a Greyhound pass, went to Illinois (to see the boyfriend), Portland (to forget the boyfriend), and Miami for the FTAA protest. Then I ended the year with PsychoStalker who hadn’t yet shown just how violent and dangerous he was yet.

2004 I got knocked-up, fled a lethally violent relationship, and became a single-mother. I also began what would become the first of many break-ups with drugs and drinking.

2005 I moved back to New Mexico, started my drafting degree, and began what would become a 70-day hospital stay with my 1y’o baby.

2006 I dropped out of school, again, to stay with my baby in the hospital, had a brief but damaging relationship with an old fling, occasionally smoked a bit of pot, went back to school again, and started working as a math tutor.

2007 Somehow I have no poetry to show for 2007. It’s smack in the middle of the “missing years” of my 20’s. I went to school. I’m sure I must have written something, somewhere. Maybe someday I’ll run across some random notebook shoved in a box of school papers and find a few poems. Um… I took two semesters of Calculus for elective credits 2006-2007. If that’s not messed up, I don’t know what is. Also, I broke up with drugs, again, got knocked up, again (in that order!), and broke up with the baby-daddy when he told me (7 months pregnant and after I’d bought the bassinet…) that he thought I should have an abortion. Oh, and I got my first job drafting part-time.

2008  Had baby #2, discovered I loved to garden, finished my first degree, and got my first full-time drafting job.

2009 Mostly I worked and raised kids. This was also the year I kicked my housemate out for spying on me in the shower and started to smoke pot again “once in a while.”

2010 I bought a house, raised kids alone, worked, had my house robbed and computers stolen and was generally miserable and lonely.

2011 Got married for the first time. That was stupid. End of story. Also, quit my soul-sucking job and raised my kids and a few step-kids. I kinda miss some of them.

2012 Got divorced for the first time. Gave it another try with the baby-daddy.

2013 Got married for the second time. Bit-by-bit started using more drugs more often, again.

2014 was the year I really, truly quit (One Day at a Time!) using drugs and started really writing again. Oh, and hubby #2 moved out and I started going to church and it’s been one wild ride ever since.

2015 I officially got divorced for the second time and applied to return to school and stayed sober and went back to school and stayed sober and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote like my life depended on it.

2016 I moved across New Mexico to finish school and kept writing and stayed sober and made new friends and kept writing and stayed sober and did really well in school and found a new church and started making video-poems and there’s a few personal details I’ll just not bore you with.

2017 To Be Continued