Writing Things

All poetry on this site is my own unless otherwise cited.  Please email me at mbbendt@gmail.com or drop a comment for permission to re-post, print or copy.

I tag all poems with the year they were written, posting work only a few weeks old or nearly two decades.  A few of these have been previously published and many have been read in coffee shops and bars.

While a great many of my poems are autobiographical in some form or another this does not include all of them, some are inspired by people I know or have known, by myth and story or by imagination.  Some of my work is strictly personal and some political.  I touch on issues of addiction, gender, domestic violence, inequality, religion and spirituality.  While I do write and have written ‘love poems’ most of them employ some amount of poetic license and a great many of them explore the darker aspects of human relationships.

I sometimes write plainly and literally and sometimes metaphorically. Reader beware, it may be an allegory or a true story.  I hope you enjoy my words.

I love to hear feedback and welcome comments and discussion.

My essays are only my own opinions.  Feel free to chime in and share yours.  If you are curious about any factual claims I make or would like more information on any topics I discuss feel free to comment or email.

I am an expert in nothing.  I enjoy research and piecing together information.  When I allow my brain to take it’s time and work in it’s own mysterious ways it surprises me with the connections it makes.

I explore any topic that strikes my fancy, intrigues me, or just won’t leave me alone.  Enjoy!

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