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And the Winner of the Worst Ally Ever Award Is…

Me. I’m the worst ally ever. Us white people like to talk a lot about being allies. Especially us progressive protestant academic types. We love this language. It lets us of the hook of our own complicity. “I’m an ally! … Continue reading

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Some words that should never be followed by BUT

I was in a church discussion group recently where someone (older, white, male) said, “some people say Martin Luther was anti-Semitic BUT…” and then proceeded to attempt to justify this fact and brush it aside. I seethed. I’m still seething. … Continue reading

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I Have News (and a Knot in my Tummy)

Remember how not that long ago I had a Major Meltdown? Followed by a refresher crash course in Shutting Up My Inner Bully and Letting People Help? So part of that help was a friend who wanted to pay my … Continue reading

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