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What I Hear When You Say You’re Against Background Checks for Gun Purchases

Within hours of President Obama taking executive action to require some really basic, no-brainer, common-sense efforts towards curbing gun violence my news feeds exploded with people against these measures. For those unfamiliar with what happened he moved to close background … Continue reading

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Eating My Words

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about how in the context of global terrorism “we in the Global North (or West, if you prefer) have no idea what it is to live under the constant threat of terrorism.” I … Continue reading

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Crying For Colorado

Here’s the trillion dollar question: if we, here in the good ol’ US of A, saw on the news that this had happened in another country, that an armed, middle-aged man had gone into a health clinic offering well-woman visits and breast cancer screenings at the time (obviously premeditated with that much ammo and supplies) and shot a dozen people would we hesitate to call it terrorism? Would we bother to talk about his motives or try to distance ourselves with pleas to wait for more info? Would it matter if he had a vendetta against one person? Would it matter if it was a “domestic dispute?” Remember that lovely explanation about honor killings and domestic violence?
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