March Reading BLog

I’m a slacker, I know. Here we are nearly a week into April and I still haven’t written a thing. Spring is here and with it come allergies and a fierce desire to be outside, playing in the dirt. This isn’t a great combination. I seem to most love the activities that make me most miserable. I have found a great volunteer opportunity playing in dirt as community service. I love this. This is what I miss most of all about my little house in the country, the garden. And I like this city life, too, but here my yard is gravel and brick and tending a few potted plants just doesn’t have the same feel as sinking my toes into fresh spring dirt. So I’ve been keeping busy and trying to increase my community involvement and forgetting to blog and reading more slowly. But I still finished a few great books I can’t wait to share.

27. 3/4/18 Sex & Secularism, Joan Wallach Scott. Highly recommend this book. Well worth reading.

28. 3/8/18 Grace(Eventually): Thoughts on Faith, Anne Lamott. I know she’s a bit problematic but sometimes her books hit the spot for me. What can I say? Reading this did get me thinking about how being the Hot Mess™ is related to white privilege.

29. 3/10/18 Guenevere, Queen of the Summer Country, Rosalind Miles. Meh. It’s OK but the older I get the more I find fiction like this problematic. It’s yet another retelling of Arthurian myth which tells us more about contemporary American Fundamentalist Christianity and the author’s White Feminism than about any historical reality.

30. 3/13/18 Harriet the Spy, Louise Fitzhugh. This was another reading with Kid 2 project. I think it’s still an excellent classic and worth reading and discussing with kids. We shed tears and had great conversations.

31. 3/17/18 Race and Secularism in America, Eds. Jonathan Kahn and Vincent Lloyd. This is a collection of essays and leans toward the academic side. It’s got some great work and important themes but maybe isn’t everyday reading.

32. 3/26/18 Spirit in the Dark: A Religious History of Racial Aesthetics, Josef Sorett. This is kind-of a confusing book.

So what have you been reading? And do your reading patterns shift with the seasons and weather?

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My ego wants to think I'm a writer but my heart knows I'm just another one of God's Kids who sometimes has words to say. 2 human kids and 3 feline kids call me Mom. Or Mooooooom. Or mewom, depending which you ask. I'm kinda-sorta busy being a student again; this time I signed myself up for a bizarre torture known as Graduate School. Theoretically in 4ish years I'll have earned some more nice letters to put with my name. Let's face it, I'm addicted to learning and probably need rehab to restore me to sanity and remove the obsession to read books. I don't remember what free time is but I think I like to spend it sleeping or playing in the mud on a river bank.
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