magic circle

magic circle
would that i could
have frozen time
in the magic circle

my feet pull me there today
to see if it has reappeared
i see it dark and haunted
the river stone
in the new spring
meadow grass
and the cool night air
on my neck
whispering in my heart
it is the year and season
of nubile youth
and carefree lust
our young bodies
glisten and surge
with a power
strong and immortal

and now i am old
and have bourn children
pushing them from my body
and suckling them
i have opened the gates
and let the magic flow
through myself
it has ebbed away
from my touch
and i am lost
and forsaken

i try to return
for a glimpse
of the circle
but it is gone
and the november
weeds stick to my cuffs

For a long time I had to call God Mother and think of the Spirit as Magic.  I’m still pretty sure God doesn’t care about our words and sees right through our limitations.

About the time I discovered the magic circle I put on a pentacle.  To me it was a symbol of protection, of connection, of women’s power.  Today I’d wear a cross if I had one.  But I don’t.  And I’m not planning to go buy one.  I don’t tend to spend much on myself, other than books.

I thought, being young and ignorant, that my choice of jewelery was an option to separate.  Then I went to see a friend.  I remember being scared he’d reject me over my rejection of God as only a Father.  Nope.  He looked me in the eye and pointed to the cross he wore and said “it’s the same thing” and that was the end of that.


About m

My ego wants to think I'm a writer but my heart knows I'm just another one of God's Kids who sometimes has words to say. 2 human kids and 3 feline kids call me Mom. Or Mooooooom. Or mewom, depending which you ask. I'm kinda-sorta busy being a student again; this time I signed myself up for a bizarre torture known as Graduate School. Theoretically in 4ish years I'll have earned some more nice letters to put with my name. Let's face it, I'm addicted to learning and probably need rehab to restore me to sanity and remove the obsession to read books. I don't remember what free time is but I think I like to spend it sleeping or playing in the mud on a river bank.
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