Pet Peeves

I had another post in mind this morning but there’s someone standing right behind my cubicle yacking on his cell phone at top volume and pacing around.  Ugh.  I hate it when people think that them and their conversations are so much more important than everyone else.  We’re trying to work here.  So, being already irritated I’ll let myself blow some steam and vent off on the things that drive me crazy. 

1)  Things that are disrespectful to everyone else in the room.  Examples:  the cell phone user, the heavy perfume/colonge user, the loud music listener.

2) People who will discuss religion/politics politely only as long as you agree with them.  Please, if you can’t give me the same respectful listening I give you, don’t bring up the subject.

3) Drivers who cut you off only to slam on the brakes and make a turn.

4) Holier than thou stay at home mothers who can’t understand that in my case working is not a choice.

5) People who come right up to my kids, get in their faces, and then get offended when they get ignored or screamed at. 

6) Rules that only apply to a few.  I’m a Libra, things which are unfair or injust really tick me off.  I can’t help it, maybe this is my flaw that I’m in my twenties and still want the world to be fair.  But it especially bothers me that some people are expected to play by the rules and some aren’t.  I’ll have to get into this in depth another time.

7) People who expect me to care about the every detail of their lives or who want to know every bit of mine, please, I’ve barely got time to live my life, much less hear about yours or tell you about mine.

8 ) Inconsistancy and hypocracy (did I spell that right?). 

9) The lady in the store who expected my to save her place in line after she wanted to get stickers just like the one’s I’d got for my kids. 

10) Having my things move around while I’m at work.  Also, having the 4 square feet I claim as my own invaded.  Really, that’s all I have that is My space, is it too much to ask that it not be invaded?

11) The people in my neighborhood who obviously don’t have jobs or small children: the ones who run the irrigation pump all night, the ones who set off fireworks all summer, the house with the dogs that bark constantly, the folks who run the air compressor at all hours.

12) The new digital billboard on the street corner, it’s so huge and bright I can see it at my house, more than a quarter mile away.

Alas, my lucky readers, I’m out of time so you don’t have to put up with anymore of me for today.  What really, really bugs you?

About m

My ego wants to think I'm a writer but my heart knows I'm just another one of God's Kids who sometimes has words to say. 2 human kids and 3 feline kids call me Mom. Or Mooooooom. Or mewom, depending which you ask. I'm kinda-sorta busy being a student again; this time I signed myself up for a bizarre torture known as Graduate School. Theoretically in 4ish years I'll have earned some more nice letters to put with my name. Let's face it, I'm addicted to learning and probably need rehab to restore me to sanity and remove the obsession to read books. I don't remember what free time is but I think I like to spend it sleeping or playing in the mud on a river bank.
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