Guest Post: Word Art Poem, Age 9

“Interview Las Cruces experience season

Vacations waitless

Stargazing holidays dominates icon


Atomic canyon



Appreciate! colonists

Explore show blaze”

My fourth-grader brought this home from school today and I can’t resist sharing her work. It’s all her’s, age nine, and she assembling poems that perfectly sum up 500 years of New Mexico history. At this rate she’ll be a much more popular poet than I could ever dream of being. Yes, she really is only nine and can use sarcasm and irony and the word “colonialism.” That’s my kid.

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for the last man standing

for the last man standing        August 21, 2016
listen to the rocks, my love.
listen to the wind, my twin.
for i hear the cries for liberty
but oh, my friend, my soul,
these times which you call hard
are only the beginning of the end.

listen to the woman who wails for you
oh listen, foolish man i love,
listen to me! for i whisper to you
the freedom you fight for won’t come
on this side of your grave.

the man who stands alone
who lives alone, who doesn’t care,
he will die alone
and no one will be there.
his blood is cheap
for his heart is empty.
the life of one lone man
vanishes upon the wind.

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for j

for j                                  August 17, 2016
i miss you less everyday
but i do not weep
for faithless men
and so
there is a bottle of tears
labeled “j was here”
that i pour into the sea

i would pray you find mercy
but i know that the law of the land
is that you shall reap what you sow

planting tears in the heart
of a godly woman
is a dangerous game to play

i could wish you were in
only a prison of men
for then i would know what to say
but rather you are in a prison of foolish and faithless
and no tunnel i dig can get in

so i say goodbye and turn away
and miss you less everyday
once i told you
with me
you are always free
i was right to say
you would hang yourself
on the rope of my freedom
but i was wrong
for i can’t watch you die
and i love you too well
to chain you or cage you

my heart is the block that you stand on
and my freedom the rope you tie
once these were your treasures
you kept inside your chest
and you would swear to god
to love only me forever

but the prison of the faithless
is guarded by the moat
of forgetfulness and thoughtlessness
and i can’t watch you die
so i say goodbye
and turn away
and pour my tears –uncried– into the sea

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